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Lulu Loves Flowers

Written by Anna McQuinn
Illustrations Rosalind Beardshaw
ISBN: 9781907825286
Price: £11.99
ISBN: 9781907825293
Price: £7.99
Format: 245 x 210mm

Extent: 32 pages
Age: 3+

Rights Sold: USA & Canada,
Denmark, Sweden, China

When Lulu reads Mary, Mary Quite Contrary in a book of garden poems, she wants to grow some flowers herself. Being Lulu, she has to do some research first. She gets gardening books, chooses the best flowers to grow, buys seeds and plants them. Then she has to wait…

This lovely story describes how Lulu gets books out from the library to find out more about flowers, plants them and waits for them to grow. It’s a great inclusive book that shows children doing the everyday things they find wonder in and young readers can really relate to what’s happening. We also loved that Lulu uses her library to find out more about flowers. Highly recommended for all little gardeners!


From the opening spread which shows Lulu sharing a book of garden poems with her mum, the book exudes warmth. Anna McQuinn’s stories of Lulu are authentic, and totally in tune with young children’s lives – the interior as well as the external – and Rosalind Beardshaw’s expressive illustrations complement the text perfectly… 


This is a lovely story of learning, sharing, enjoying creation friendship and fun. It is a perfect resource to subtly encourage positive messages around cultural diversity too… one of those resources to have within your continuous provision to support children’s positive attitudes around difference.