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Lulu Reads To Zeki

Written by Anna McQuinn
Illustrations Rosalind Beardshaw
ISBN: 9781907825040
Price: £11.99
ISBN: 9781907825057
Price: £7.99
Format: 245 x 210mm

Extent: 32 pages
Age: 3+

Rights Sold: USA & Canada,
Denmark, China

Lulu’s mum and dad use stories to prepare her for the arrival of a new sibling and make sure they still have time for her and her stories once baby Zeki arrives. So, it is no surprise that Lulu believes every problem can be solved with a story and from bath time to bedtime, she chooses just the right one to read to her new baby brother.

This title has a lot going for it. The text reads very well for the age group and the typeface is clearly set. The illustrations are very well matched to the narrative. It is the characters and their demeanour that catch our eye on each double page spread. 


This is the perfect book to buy for a child aged from two to six-years-old who is expecting, or has already got, a new baby brother or sister. An excellent option to increase the number of books supporting cultural diversity in your library.


Delightfully warm text with a very pro-books-and-reading message. Multicultural illustrations add to the charm.