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Leah’s Star

Written by Margaret Bateson-Hill
Illustrations Karin Littlewood
ISBN: 9781907825255
Price: £12.99
Format: 260 x 215mm
Extent: 32 pages
Age: 4+

Rights Sold: USA

Bethlehem has never been so busy! Leah is the innkeeper’s daughter she is rushed off her feet. Then in the starlight, miracles begin. With a story as ancient as the Nativity, it’s easy to forget the human drama at its centre. This beautiful, fresh new telling of the Nativity story, through the eyes of young Leah, brings wonderful humanity to this familiar tale.

The story is beautifully told with stunning illustrations. The text and illustrations work so perfectly together they make the Christmas story speak to each reader on a very personal level.


A retelling told over the shoulder of Leah, the innkeeper’s daughter. Littlewood’s watercolours and Bateson-Hill’s read-aloud narrative bring a sense of realism to the Nativity story.


What a wonderful book, it feels a very fresh, compassionate and contemporary retelling and Karin’s illustrations are, as ever, stunning.