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Zeki Sleep Tight

Written by Anna McQuinn
Illustrations Ruth Hearson
ISBN: 9781907825446
Price: £7.99
Format: 200x185mm,
Sturdy card with rounded corners
Extent: 24 pages
Age: 10 months +

After a busy day, it’s time for Zeki to slow down… One by one, his senses get ready to sleep. The room is hushed, the lights low – and after a dozy story, he’s already beginning to nod off.
A gentle companion to Zeki Rise & Shine, this is a perfect way to end the day.

“ A sweet and soothing bedtime story that perfectly evokes the warmth and tenderness of nighttime’s embrace. Brilliantly cherishing the moments families share with their sleepy babies at night, snuggles and cuddles will be in abundance!”

Rykesha H udson
@ amayahs_diversebooks – Instagram

“Lush additions to the Zeki series! Flow along with Zeki’s night time routine and then watch him burst into the next morning. McQuinn’s text is a pleasure to read aloud. Phrases pop, snap and surprise. Zeki doesn’t dress; he ‘shimmies’ into his clothes; he doesn’t wake up; he ‘shakes’ awake; his bubble bath is a soaking in ‘smells of dark forests’; a bedtime book is a ‘dozy story’. Hearson’s snuggle-soft illustrations journey through the books- the ‘lemon-yellow sun’ carries though to the bright yellows of Zeki’s jelly shoes, his bib, his puppet duck. The animal toys and motifs in Zeki Sleeps Tight reappear in a different form. A smiley snail is first a pull along toy and then dangles from Zeki’s crib mobile. A fluffy sheep flops on the floor and ends up in a special Zeki spoon on the final page. Surely the best book friends to start and end a toddler’s day!”

Fen CoLes
Letterbox library