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Zeki Loves Baby Club

Written by Anna McQuinn
Illustrations Ruth Hearson
ISBN: 9781907825316
Price: £6.99
Format: 200x185mm,
Sturdy card with rounded corners
Extent: 24 pages
Age: 10 months +

Rights sold: USA & Canada,
Denmark, China

Baby Club is such fun! Zeki and his friends sing rhymes and songs and do all the actions – they clap, stretch, shake, wiggle and zoom to the moon! And in the end, there’s time for a story and making new friends.

Inclusive and diverse…  let’s find ways to get this book into every care setting, library, and health visitor’s clinic! 


An effortlessly diverse book that isn’t an issue book. I love the obvious fun and enjoyment had by all the characters.


Absolutely gorgeous and ‘scrumdiddliumptious’ in every possible way, from illustrations, simple text and curvy writing to the content, this book is a delight from start to finish